Gemini: Exchange opts for Bitcoin ABC (BCH)

The Gemini Crypto Exchange will support Bitcoin ABC (BCH) from now on. This was announced by the Winklevoss brothers‘ exchange on Friday. They thus decided to recognize the crypto currency that emerged from the Hard Fork.

So Eric Winer about Bitcoin trader:

„Currently we only support the Bitcoin ABC network and call it BCH. We have added replay protection to all BCH payouts from the Gemini platform to ensure that transactions are only valid on the Bitcoin ABC block chain. Any crypto currency sent to Gemini via a blockchain that we do not support, such as Bitcoin SV (BSV), is invalid and unrecoverable. We will continue to evaluate Bitcoin SV in the coming weeks or months and decide whether to support Bitcoin trader in the future or not.“ Read more about it:

Fight for 5th place continues among the crypto trader

In the meantime BCH has regained place 5 (Tether exclusive). Competitor BSV, on the other hand, slipped down a bit again, but the two are still racing head-to-head. Winer also stresses that Gemini is the „most regulated“ crypto trader exchange in the world. He announces accordingly joyfully:

„We have worked closely with the New York State Department of Financial Services to offer permission to trade BCH. […] We are proud to offer our customers a secure and compliant method to buy, sell and store crypto currencies as we shape the future of money.“

After the Hash War and the associated Hard Fork had ended, only a „true“ split from BCH prevailed. From then on it was BTC ABC that continued to exist as Bitcoin Cash. The „Vision Satoshi“ as its own crypto currency sometimes managed to overtake its own mother. In the meantime, Gemini, the crypto exchange known for its Winklevoss brothers, decided in favour of one of the two competitors: BTC ABC. The competitor Satoshi’s vision is currently still under review by the stock exchange.